Watch Live: Michigan State Senate Committee on Oversight Holds Hearing on Election Fraud
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Dominion-Trained IT Contractor Blows Up Michigan Hearing, ‘They Were Re-Scanning, Counting Ballots 8 to 10 Times’ (VIDEO)

The Michigan Senate Oversight Committee on Tuesday held a hearing in Lansing on election fraud and irregularities. A Dominion-trained IT contractor named Melissa Carone absolutely blew up the Michigan hearing on Tuesday.


Prior to William Barr’s shocking announcement today, the question among those involved in showing that the so-called Biden win is a fraud had been asking why the DOJ/FBI was practically invisible. If the FBI/DOJ was serious they would have at least reached out those who have already been investigating the allegations of fraud. But they didn’t and they certainly did not carry out the investigations necessary to rebut the sworn testimony of the hundreds people who witnessed systemic wide widespread fraud involving millions of votes. Read more.


Election Fraud Update – Interview with Mike Fredenburg – World News Brief

World News Brief welcomes National Review contributor Mike Fredenburg for an update on election fraud, what’s happening in the swing states, Trump’s path to victory, and more.

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Mike Fredenburg: Contrary to false media reports, the recount in Milwaukee and Dane Counties accomplished exactly what the Trump campaign wanted to accomplish – it allowed over 100,000 problematic ballots to be specifically identified!

The Trump Campaign did not spend $3 million dollars to do a recount in the heavily Democrat Counties of Milwaukee and Dane in the belief that it would be able to disqualify enough ballots to win the election. That was never going to happen for two reasons: {Read more}

Unreal: ISIS Terrorist Released by Feds in Oregon Town after Grand Jury Indictment

An ISIS terrorist indicted by a federal grand jury for providing material support to the militant Islamist group has been released by federal authorities in Oregon. Even for the famously liberal west coast it may seem unbelievable, especially since a Republican appointee heads the Department of Justice (DOJ), the agency that made the bizarre decision. The defendant is Hawazen Sameer Mothafar, a 31-year-old U.S. resident charged with two counts of conspiracy to provide material support to a designated terrorist organization and one count of providing and attempting to provide material support to a designated foreign terrorist organization, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 2339B(a)(1).

DATA: Michigan Analysis Suggests Absentee Votes ‘Manipulated By Computer’, Flags Hundreds Of Thousands Of Ballots

New analysis of Michigan voter data reveals hundreds of thousands of mail-in ballots flagged as potentially fraudulent, leading statisticians to posit “strong evidence” exists that results were “manipulated by a computer algorithm.” The “non-partisan effort by unpaid citizens and volunteer experts” and PhDs comes to the conclusion that an “audited recount” ought to be carried out in Michigan counties that returned voting results that were statistically unlikely, if not impossible.

Watch Replay: Arizona State Legislature Holds Public Hearing on 2020 Election

Monday, November 30, 2020: Members of President Donald Trump’s legal team have scheduled a public hearing with select members of Arizona’s legislature to gather and examine any evidence of election irregularities and fraud in the state.

PA State House Chamber

Pennsylvania Lawmakers Formally Introduce Resolution to Dispute 2020 Elections Results

Republican state lawmakers in Pennsylvania on Monday introduced a resolution to dispute the results of the 2020 election. The text of the resolution, first previewed in a memo on Nov. 27, states that the executive and judicial branches of the Keystone State’s government usurped the legislature’s constitutional power to set the rules of the election.

Crowd Erupts in Cheers as Giuliani Tells AZ State Lawmakers: “Your Political Career is Worth Losing if You Can Save the Right to Vote in America”

The crowd erupted in cheers as Rudy Giuliani issued a clarion call to state lawmakers: “I’m gonna ask you to fight…Your political career is worth losing if you can save the right to vote in America.” He continued, “At times in our history certain men and women have stepped forward and lost their political career to give us the rights that we have.”

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Film Review: A Generic Hallmark Christmas -The Bob Siegel Show

On today’s show Bob and Dana Siegel take opposite positions in a playful, lighthearted fashion, expressing dissent in their view of Hallmark movies. Bob illustrates (with a generic story) just how predictable they all are. On the other hand, Dana loves the predictability, craving happy warm-hearted endings, especially in this day and age.

Image: The Epoch Times

Candace Owens Challenges Facebook Fact-Checker PolitiFact, Wins Correction

A self-described fact-checking website recently issued a correction after labeling a post by Candace Owens saying Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden isn’t president-elect as “false.”

BREAKING GEORGIA UPDATE: Judge Issues Restraining Order for 10 Days Preventing Defendants from Destroying or Erasing Dominion Voting Machines

Judge Timothy C. Batten, Sr. issued an order on Sunday morning to freeze ALL Dominion voting machines in the state of Georgia. Via Attorney Linn Wood: “Defendants are ordered to maintain the statue quo & are temporarily enjoined from wiping or resetting any voting machines in the State of Georgia until further order of the Court.”

Rand Paul is Listening to the Base…He Just Got On Twitter and Very Boldly Called Out “Fraud” in this Powerful Tweet

So, when a Republican comes out with a very bold and powerful statement, I think it’s worth noting. And that brings us to Rand Paul, who tweeted out a doozy of a tweet, that not only called out the fraud, but he points out one of the “oddest” parts of this entire 2020 election sham…those middle-of-the-night data dumps.

Referenced by Senator Paul:
Anomalies in Vote Counts and Their Effects on Election 2020
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Image: The National File

THE KRAKEN: Retired General Says US Military Intel Group, Nicknamed ‘Kraken’, Seized Dominion Servers in Germany

In a groundbreaking interview with WVW-TV, retired Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney describe a raid in which U.S. Special Operations Forces successfully seized Dominion Voting System servers held in a CIA “server farm” facility in Frankfurt, Germany.

Did President Trump Spring a Trap on Treasonous Democrats on Election Night?

“I, DONALD J. TRUMP . . ., find that the ability of persons located, in whole or in substantial part, outside the United States to interfere in or undermine public confidence in United States elections . . . constitutes an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States. … I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with this threat.” -President Trump, in his executive order of September 12, 2018, giving the pretext for the blocking of property and money transfers, without prior notification, belonging to persons who have dealt in foreign interference during the 2020 presidential election.

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Image: The Gateway Pundit

Joe Biden’s Team Won’t Allow Pool Reporters to See Biden Go In or Leave Doctor Appointment After He Twists His Ankle – No Explanation Given

78-year-old Joe Biden slipped and twisted his ankle while playing with his German shepherd named Major on Saturday. Joe Biden on Sunday afternoon went to visit an orthopedist: “out of an abundance of caution, he will be examined by a doctor.”

Image: Zero Hedge

Former Overstock CEO Paying ‘Team Of Hackers And Cybersleuths’ To Prove Trump Won Election

“I’ve funded a team of hackers and cybersleuths, other people with odd skills,” Byrne told One America News. The 57-year-old multimillionaire also appeared on several podcasts, including a November 23 appearance in which he said: “I’m a free agent, and I’m self-funded, and I’m funding this army of various odd people,” according to the Daily Beast.

America: ‘A Church Relocation Project’?

There is a war on history in our time. There is an all-out effort to cut us off from our past — presumably to make us into a nation in the image of what the Left wants. For example, Thanksgiving would seem to be as American as apple pie. But an article last week (11/17/20) in the New York Times refers to the “myth” of Thanksgiving.

Image: The National File

Wisconsin Supreme Court Petitioned to Declare All Drop-Box Ballots Illegal, Block Certification

A newly filed lawsuit in the Wisconsin Supreme Court is seeking to block the State of Wisconsin from certifying the November 3, 2020, General Election results. The lawsuit argues that all ballots cast via drop boxes are illegal because the establishment of the boxes themselves was illegal, thus creating a dilution of legal votes cast.

Ain’t that something: Whistleblowers: Biden Implicated In Dominion Voting Scam Connected To Serbia

Screen grab: Fox News

Yeeesss! Business owner tears up $15,000 COVID fine on live TV

Patriotism and defiance mingled Tuesday night on Fox News as western New York gym owner Robby Dinero ripped up a notice fining him for COVID-19 violations. “Come and get it,” Dinero, who spent 14 years in the Marine Corps, said after tearing up a letter from the Erie County Department of Health during a live interview.

Editor’s note: It’s this kind of bravery that will be necessary from all of us to win our Constitutional Freedoms back from these tyrannical governors.

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Bwah ha ha: NYC Pub Declares Itself “Autonomous Zone” After Government Tries To Shut It Down

Signing of US Constitution in Philadelphia, PA

Judge: Republicans Will Likely Win Pennsylvania Election Lawsuit

The judge who ordered Pennsylvania to not certify the results of the 2020 election wrote in an opinion on Friday that the Republicans who filed the related lawsuit will likely win the case.

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Editor’s note: Pennsylvania is called the KEYSTONE State for a reason. Gettysburg is where the battle turned during the first civil war, and it appears history is repeating itself during our second civil war. The Declaration of Independence, US Constitution, and Gettysburg address all happened in Pennsylvania. “Virtue, Liberty, and Independence,” is the state motto. It was the key state in the formation of the nascent US Republic, and is becoming the key state once again in its preservation.

Image: The Gateway Pundit

Four Videos – Four States Where Votes Were Switched Live on TV Away from President Trump to Biden

There’s been lots of analysis of the Edison JSON live data feeds on election night showing vote decreases and switches. A Gateway Pundit report who works in media found several examples switched votes that were broadcast live on TV.

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Editor’s note: Could we rightfully call TGP and their team American heroes? We report, you decide.

Image by Tumisu

Et Tu, Labor? UK Opposition Backs Deal With Europe

Is the fix in for Brino, as your correspondent likes to call Brexit in name only? Britons fervent for their nation’s independence from the European Union must give pause in the face of news that the Labor leader, Sir Keir Starmer, announces that his party will support a deal the Conservative government can broach with Brussels.

Trump Hails Supreme Court Decision Against Cuomo in Thanksgiving Message

President Donald Trump on Thursday hailed the Supreme Court’s ruling that blocked New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo from restricting gatherings in houses of worship. “HAPPY THANKSGIVING!,” the president wrote to his 88.8 million followers, with a quote from SCOTUSblog: “Just before midnight on the night before Thanksgiving, the Supreme Court blocked New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo from enforcing attendance limits at religious services. The vote is 5–4, with Roberts and the three liberals dissenting.”

Interview With a Christian Illustrator -The Bob Siegel Show

Dana Siegel co-hosts with Bob. Together, they interview Ray Christiansen, illustrator of The Dangerous Christmas Ornament Coloring Book. For several years now, Bob Siegel’s novel, The Dangerous Christmas Ornament, has been loved by children and adults of all ages. Written as an entertaining fantasy-adventure, the story also includes important moral lessons which have encouraged teachers and church youth pastors to include the book in their programs!  Helping out with such objectives, Bob teamed up with talented artist Ray Christiansen to provide a fun, companion coloring book. Each page reflects a key scene from the story, along with a relevant Scripture verse.

This is America, Charlie Brown – Mayflower Full Episode (Internet Archive)

This is a classic cartoon of the type few make anymore. This NO LONGER available on Amazon, and though we’re not sure why, it’s definitely suspicious that in the year of censorship an episode such as this is no longer available. We’ve watched this as a family for several years and it is as educational as it is entertaining. Enjoy and happy Thanksgiving!
Image: The Gateway Pundit

KRAKEN RELEASED! Attorney Sidney Powell Files 104 Page BOMBSHELL COMPLAINT of Massive Fraud in Georgia & Michigan Election

Attorney Sidney Powell Files 104 Page BOMBSHELL COMPLAINT of Massive Fraud in Georgia Election. We have MUCH to be thankful for.
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Republicans commend President Trump for pardoning Gen. Michael Flynn

President Trump formally pardoned former national security advisor, General Michael Flynn. The President took to Twitter Wednesday to announce the move. He went on to congratulate Flynn while wishing him and his family a happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving – Since You Asked with Pastor Jim Berrier

When was the truly original Thanksgiving? To whom do we give thanks? For what are we thankful? This week’s Since You Asked takes a look at a great tradition. Listen here!

Declaration of Independence Against Fraud and Intimidation -The Bob Siegel Show

Bob  discusses allegations of election fraud, challenging people to trust their own eyes and ears regarding an obvious organized cheating campaign. He then presents a passionate call for people to speak the truth despite threats of riots and intimidation. Finally, he offers a prayer to God pleading for Him to make right the legal results and shine a mammoth spotlight on the clear truth of what happened. Listen here!

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